Reflexology Testimonials

Mrs Jane P 20`s

She and her husband wanted a second child, company for their daughter, but Jane was having problems conceiving. In September 2003 Jane had a course of six Reflexology treatments, and by October she and her husband were delighted with news that she was pregnant. Her treatments continued fortnightly through her pregnancy and in the summer of 2004 Jane gave birth naturally and with no complications, to healthy baby girl. After the baby was born Jane was breast feeding but was able to have two more treatments for her Sciatica, relieving the pain naturally.


Margaret 80 years old in 2007

Was diagnosed with arrhythmia, which is a deviation from the normal rhythm of the heart. In 2005 Margaret began a course of Reflexology treatments twice a week, with diet changes. Improvement soon showed as she had more energy and felt much better and happier. Treatment was reduced to once a fortnight after eight treatments, then monthly over two years. During this time Margaret noticed that her eye site also improved and now she only needs spectacles for reading. Margaret continues to be active and enjoys life.








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