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Taste Buds

Sarah in her forties had spent fifteen years trying every diet and fitness program, but her weight would not reduce. She went to her Doctor for help, but regrettably he was not helpful. Her Yoga teacher explained to her that no amount of exercise would move her flab. As time went on Sarah became almost suicidal. Then, in March 2007, Sarah read an article in her local weekly magazine in Dorset about Scenar therapy. After her first appointment the cravings for sweet sugary foods disappeared and she felt more in control of her life, and after her first few treatments Sarah found that her bloating feeling disappeared very quickly, a feeling she was highly delighted to see the back of. Within two months she had lost two stone in weight and looked stunning. She also found she could brown more easily in the sun when on holiday, where previously she would have burned very easily. Now in 2008 she is healthier and fitter than her husband and her teenage children. Part of the weight loss treatment involved a two minute treatment on the tongue, which she found was very pleasant to receive, which helped to re-educate the taste buds through the nervous system. What was so amazing about her course of Scenar treatments was that she lost weight without any effort, thanks to Yvonne and her Scenar machine.

Local farmer  {Extract taken from - 24 October 2003}

Local success story. One success story is that of local farmer, Gerald Pitman who, at just 57, was virtually crippled with arthritis in both knees. Gerald, who lives at Donhead St Andrew, has been waiting for a knee replacement operation but was a long way down the waiting list due to his young age. He also had a shoulder and rib problem caused by a cow falling on him in the milking parlour. He had not slept properly for 18 months and had been sleeping in a chair as lying in bed was too uncomfortable. Gerald's wife Margaret said: "He could not walk any distance and his quality of life was so poor. When we went shopping in Salisbury or to farming shows Gerald often had to sit in the car because walking was so painful." He had seen three different specialists who had been unable to offer him any relief. It was when his daughter-in-law Jane, who lives in Gillingham, tried a reflexology treatment with Yvonne that she happened to mention her father in law's problems and Yvonne offered to help. As Margaret says, they are level-headed farmers, not known for trips to alternative practitioners and Gerald was initially very sceptical about trying the Scenar treatment suggested by Yvonne.
Within hours of being treated, however, the swelling on his knees began to reduce and Gerald was amazed to be able to see his kneecaps for the first time in many years. The acute pain disappeared, his walking is much improved and he is sleeping in his bed again. He has seen an improvement after each of his four treatments. Even though Gerald had not mentioned his other health problems - including his shoulder, ribs and a totally unrelated skin problem, Yvonne was able to diagnose all of these using Scenar.
Gerald and Margaret have been amazed with the results of the treatment and said: "We think Yvonne is marvellous."


One of Yvonne's patients pays testament to the effectiveness of Scenar therapy:
Ten years ago Dorset builder Ivan Jones fell 20ft from a roof while at work. Although extremely lucky to have survived the fall, his injuries included a cracked vertebra, broken ankle and arm. He was off work for three years in severe pain and his arm didn't heal correctly. When Ivan eventually returned to work he was still in considerable pain but managed to work through the discomfort. As the years passed he developed diabetes and suffered two strokes meaning that by the time Yvonne Dobson met him in 2006 Ivan was in pretty bad shape. Yvonne prescribed daily Scenar treatment but work commitments meant he could only fit in weekly sessions. Ivan had 20 treatments over a period of six months and is now pain-free, his blood sugar levels are normal and the blood clots in his neck have been safely dispersed. In fact Ivan is, as his wife Monica puts it, is "a new man ". He has also changed to a healthy eating plan and is looking forward to a happy and healthy retirement.

The SCENAR device in action

Paintball Injury

One of Yvonne's longest standing patients is her son. He sustained a pulled muscle in his back which was exacerbated throughout the day from a multitude of paintball bruises during the "friendly" event. He had been used to Reflexology treatments in the past, but due to the nature of his injury, Yvonne recommended the more intensive SCENAR therapy to relieve the pain and heal the injury faster. It was two weeks later when he managed to get an appointment but his back was still proving painful. During the first treatment he was amazed that his back pain was eased, but also that the underlying paintball bruising that had disappeared prior to treatment showed up as red marks on his back. Yvonne noted that the SCENAR therapy was helping to relieve his back pain from the pulled muscle but that it also would draw out the other minor injuries and stimulate the body into healing them properly too. After the course of treatment his back pain had disappeared and there was no sign of the paintball bruises.

Yvonne in the news:

Extract taken from Dated: 24/10/2003

From Russia with love - local therapist offers space age pain relief

YVONNE Dobson is one of only a handful of Scenar (self-controlled energo neuro adaptive regulation) therapists in Dorset. After 15 years as a reflexologist, a repetitive strain and back injury meant she was no longer able to practice. It was during this time that Yvonne discovered Scenar. In the course of becoming a Scenar therapist, she has cured her own problems and is once again able to practice reflexology.

Space age technology. Only known in the UK for about the last four years, Scenar was developed for the Russian space programme to overcome the unique problems of space travel. Pharmaceuticals were impractical due to the specificity of each drug, leading to a need to store a large variety and quantity of drugs, and also due to the introduction of toxins into the water recycling system, such that one treatment may well treat the whole crew. In the late 1970s, a Russian team of doctors and scientists led by Alexander Karasev, developed a method of treatment that was energy efficient, multi-applicable, portable and also non-invasive. They were the first people to achieve repeatable therapeutic treatment using electrical signals to stimulate the immune system.

Widespread effectiveness. Head scientist Professor Revenko claimed that there were very few illnesses Scenar could not treat and often cure. Tests conducted in Russia have since shown the Scenar proves effective in 80% of cases. The Scenar used biofeed-back - by stimulating the nervous system it is able to teach the body to heal itself. ,The device, which is just 200mm in length and runs off a 9V batter, sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is only sent out when a change, in response to the previous signal, is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. Visible responses include reddening of the skin, numbness, stickiness (the device will have the feeling of being magnetically dragged), a change in the numerical readout and an increase in the electronic clattering of the device.

Licensed pain relief. In the UK, the devices are licensed by the British Standards Institute for pain relief only. However, because of the nature of the device (stimulating the nervous system), the Russian experience is that Scenar affects all the body systems. Yvonne Dobson has treated many different conditions. Two recent cases of tennis elbow resulted in immediate relief after just two treatments. Some problems take a little longer and Yvonne stresses that patients must see through the course of treatment to see beneficial results.

The treatment is also effective for weight loss and face-lift procedures and can be safely used during pregnancy and after delivery to heal the vaginal area - mid-wives can be trained in its use.
Yvonne offers home treatments across a wide area in Dorset, South Wiltshire and Somerset - from Glastonbury to Bridport and continues to update her skills at the Scenar training centre. She is fully qualified and insured.


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