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The Intelligent Health Clinic has been established in the South West for over 20 years.


Yvonne started practicing reflexology in 1985, and qualified with the Institute of Reflexology in 1987.


After building up a strong reputation in and around the Poole and Bournemouth area in South England, for being open, honest, trustworthy and able to deliver noticeable results, Yvonne expanded her business as demand grew, in alternative therapies into areas of Acupressure, Yoga teaching and nutritional advice. She found that the combination of relaxation techniques and of simple nutritional changes could make marked differences for the better in the vast majority of her patients.


Yvonne had a serous back injury in 1968 when she was only 17 years old, pain killers were prescribed by her Doctor, but the pain was always there and she suffered for 30 years. She tried every form of treatment, and each had not shown she had a vertebra displacement.

Then she found SCENAR. After her first SCENAR treatment there was no pain. In two more sessions the vertebra was back in the correct position, and finally in 2002, she was pain free with no problems since. Fantastic.

She was so impressed with the therapy she took the course to become a SCENAR therapist.


She had been diagnosed in 2001 with cervical cancer due to breathing in oil fumes from an Arga waste flue, she was not disheartened, but instead cured herself of the cancer with diet, Homeopathy and SCENAR therapy.


Now qualified as a SCENAR therapist Yvonne works out of the Gillingham area in North Dorset (see contact us for more details).


Yvonne has found that many of her patients find it difficult to come to her, so she provides a mobile practitioner service, which many patients find invaluable.




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